Friday, January 16, 2009

College Interview

Despite my incredibly busy schedule which even involves starting a new website, I have decided to share some suggestions I gave to my son who had a college interview yesterday.

• Firstly I stressed that he was not to be late. Get there early.
• In terms of dress I reminded him to dress neatly. Since his school dress includes shirt, tie and blazer I told him to go in class dress.
• I reminded him to address the interviewer politely. Greet with a good solid handshake and smile and call him by his/her name. Also avoid expressions such as "you know", "like" and hmm hmm.

With respect to answering the questions. I suggested that there were two main considerations:

1. What do you have to offer the school - Here is where stock is taken of your character, your academic achievements/interests, your extra curricular and co curricular activities.
2. What does the school have to offer you - This involves why you want to go to that school and can it meet your academic and extra curricular needs?

To me it is best to avoid studying interview questions and practising answers as you may sound too programmed. This is not to say that kids should not be prepared. My advice though is to know yourself and be yourself. So if you have a resume, take a look at it to remind you of your talents and accomplishments (nerves can be the greatest memory extinguisher).

Finally the interviewer can and most likely will come up with questions or discussions from way out of left field. My son told me that for a good part of the interview he was engaged in a discussion of Usain Bolt's world record sprint in the Beijing Olympics. So get ready to talk.

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