Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Personal

Have you ever been upbraided about getting too personal? Ever been told stick to the issues or avoid dealing with personalities? Well if you are in the midst of a heated discussion that's fine but when it comes to giving a birthday or graduation or some other gift, I love getting personal as you will note from my CEOmum store. The first gift I gave my husband was a pen with a wacky inscription. Only he and I understood the significance of that little message. :).

So when looking for gifts I like to look at promo items which I can jazz up with a little creativity. Have you ever seen those cute water bottles or have you ever travelled abroad and picked up a little something in the form of a travel mug which costs more than a little, but you buy anyway because it's Mexican or Costa Rican or simply foreign? Here's a secret, those promotional mugs could cost a lot less and say a lot more if your customized them yourself. And as much as I love foreign travel, I love to do so at a bargain.  So check them out for St. Patrick's Day or whatever occasion suits your mind.

Speaking of a bargain, have you heard of the latest software that is causing a buzz? It's Empowerkit. For those moms who having managed to leverage the work at home industry but who aren't that tech savvy, empowerkit software is an attractive option. It allows you to write content easily, integrate easily with social media, send out newletters and more. Oh and of course keeping with our getting personal theme. It is customizable. Sign up is free so check it out.

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