Monday, October 11, 2010

From 1 to 150

When I was a little girl we had a black and white TV. They didn't have color TV where I grew up until around the early 1980's. Now there are so many option to "watch tv" that it almost boggles the mind.

In addition to black and white, we started out with one channel. That was it, we got all our news from that one channel and when it signed off around midnight, you had no other options. Seriously we couldn't wait for it  to sign on again around 2pm or so the next afternoon, so that we could watch cartoons and Sesame Street - yep we watched a grey Big Bird.

Now we have options galore what with cable and watching TV on your PC and of course Direct TV Offers that will make your brain spin with excitement. Now that I have been exposed to Dexter, how in heavens name can I avoid looking at Direct TV packages. You've watched Dexter right. In a nut shell it's the Showtime series where the socially inept blood spatter expert at the Miami Police Department murders bad guys. And we find ourselves in the strange position of rooting for him, not wanting him to be caught. 

Now if I accept the most basic offer of the Direct TV Deals ($29.99 per month) I can get Showtime at no additional charge for three months and Startz too plus over 150 channels more in TV, Sports, and music. You see Dexter's new season has started. Yes I watched all four seasons previously but did not do so from the comfort of my own living room. Now I can grab a glass of cran-apple juice (gotta be red) and sit back and enjoy a ride with Dexter's dark passenger. 

Coming from one station, this is bliss although I do love a classic black and white on occasion.

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