Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From Boarding School to College

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One of the benefits of having a kid who went to boarding school is not having to worry about how he will transition to college. If my son is to provide a basis for measurement as far as this is concerned I have to say he is doing fine, in fact too fine. I know this because:

  • He was so excited to start he insisted on going to his college Pre-orientation a full week before the real orientation that the majority of freshmen attend;
  • He is never in his room. What I really mean is he only sleeps there.
  • He only calls when it is absolutely necessary meaning when he is in crisis mode like when the pharmacist couldn't find any evidence that he had health insurance.
    Mom am I insured?
  • He doesn't seem as excited as I to know that I will only be one hour away from him for a week starting tomorrow.
  • He does seem excited to be staying on campus for Thanksgiving and has even been talking about Christmas.
  • Hmm I am going with the notion that this is all positive but Christmas? GGGRRRRRR!

Anyway heading to la belle New York tomorrow.


Christy, the Notable Blogger said...

They grow up too fast! Good luck getting him home for Christmas!

The Redhead Riter said...

That is much better than him being so miserable that he wants to be home and calls you all the time telling you to get him out of there :o)

Why do they have to grow up? :o(