Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back From College

Seductive Shadow Well it was a nice (though expensive) little trip to see my son off to college. He has settled in nicely in a single room in which he feels comfortable and today was his first class, "Political Theory". He was a bit miffed that "Human Adaptation" was filled but it will also be taught next semester.

Here are some stuff he just had to get once we arrived:

  1. A standing lamp. The room which would be big if it measured 100 sq ft. looked like a small cave to me, but it holds him and his stuff quite fine and the standing lamp made a world of difference.
  2. A laundry bag/hamper thingy to hold soiled clothes until they get done.
  3. A cactus (don't ask)
  4. A fan
  5. Oust and cedar rounds
  6. Flipflops for the shared shower.
  7. Posters. Yes he got the one you see displayed here.
  8. Wallmounts. 3M has some pretty good ones.
  9. Food. The dining hall took a while to open.
  10. Iphone. This thing is cool but as I said he is paying for it.
Surely this is not where all of my money went. Luckily my mom was there. Yes it was quite the family send off but not once did we whip out the Kleenex. We were all so brave.


Darcel said...

I can't even think about sending my babies off to college. I know that you are so proud though!

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

Sounds like he is settled! I know you and your mom were putting o brave face, but there were crying on the inside!

Anonymous said...

What an experience!!!

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

That seems so far off for me but I bet it will come around in no time and I will be out purchasing floor lamps and cacti!

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