Monday, August 17, 2009

New Words

I was amused recently, particularly in light of my recent post to come across this neologism from one of my favorite sites Word Spy:

intexticated: Preoccupied by reading or sending text messages, particularly while driving a car.
Word spy highlights words, phrases or acronyms that have been newly coined. In some cases you will find that they have already made their way into your vocabulary and in others they haven't but once you see it you might just get it, because they reflect current trends. Here are some for 2009. They are jumbled. See if you can match the number with the corresponding letter:

1. Weisure A. The energy and other resources used while preparing meals.
2. HENRY B. Posting a series of messages that reflect one's current thoughts, ideas, passions, observations, readings, and other intellectual interests.
3. Generation O C. An event where people support an environmentally-friendly store by gathering en masse to purchase the store's products.
4. Rumortrage D A silent phone call received from a person who has inadvertently dialed or selected the number on their mobile phone.
5. Sexting E. A website where a couple posts information about their upcoming or recent wedding.
6. Mindcasting F. Generation of people approximately 18 to 35 years old who voted for or supported Barack Obama
7. Carrotmob G. A person with a substantial income, but who is not yet wealthy.
8. Wedsite H. Free time spent doing work or work-related tasks.
9. Ghost call I. Sending a salacious text message.
10. Cookprint J. Spreading false or misleading information about a company to take advantage of the subsequent move in the company's stock price

1.Weisure A.
3. Generation O C.
4. Rumortrage D
5. Sexting E.
6. Mindcasting F.
7. Carrotmob G.
8. Wedsite H.
9. Ghost call I.
10. Cookprint J.


The Redhead Riter said...

Cool! I haven't ever heard of that site. I've marked it. I'm a new fan of Word Spy. Thanks for introducing it to me.

Ronnica said...

"intexticated" - love it!