Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Day Time Stopped - 9.58

My friends know that I am a track and field fanatic and an unapologetic fan of Usain Bolt, the man who has cemented reinforced his standing as the Fastest Man of all Time.

One year to the day that Usain crushed the field in the 100 m at the Beijing Olympics in a world record time of 9.69 secs, he erased .11 seconds off to sear into our minds a mind boggling superhuman record of 9.58 secs. One minute he was in the start up line at one with the best in the business. 20 metres later he was ahead of the field and in fact it was all over. By the time he cleared the finish line, leaving such stars as Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell in his wake, he had left no doubt, that here was a human machine, a bionic man and the mere mortals behind him despite running their very best were simple pedestrians.

Once again this man left me speechless, time stopped, the world passed by in slow motion as I tried to figure out WTF just happened. It was as if I had looked up then down and Bolt, bolted by in a blur. Then reality took,
"9.58, 9.58", I screamed.

The phone rang and rang. My husband answered and told the caller.

"I can't speak"

We had to watch the replay, no interruptions allowed. What just happened? Can man do this? Is physics being turned on its head? Is there any stopping this man? I hope not. Today August 16, 2009 I witnessed history again and it was sweeter than before as this time, there were no criticisms of showboating, the man had matured and executed his plan with amazing calm. He was so cool, so confident and without question stamped his authority on the event outclassing the very best in track and field.

Hats off to you Usain Bolt, the most fantastic athlete I have ever had the pleasure to watch.


Anonymous said...

KUDOS to the guy and all Jamdowners. I knew he was an earth scorcher

JaelCustomDesigns said...

*Popping in from SITS!
Yes indeed he's ths fastest...
and, it makes it even better that he's Jamaican.

Deb said...

So happy to find another track and field fan! I'm more of a long-distance person, so I don't follow the sprinters as closely, but watching this kind of history always sends chills up my spine.

Quiskaeya said...

Girl wasn't that awesome!!! Jamaica is scorching track & field! It soooo good to see the Jamaica representing. When one island shines we all

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful to watch.