Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

Joining in the weekly wrap up over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. That name alone is a treasure but in addition her posts are very engaging - no "unsocialized" at all. I will therefore be adding her to my blogroll.

This week was the start of my new gym program. The great thing about it is that my gym allows us to take our teenagers (from age 14) along for free. That has thrilled son no end who at 6'2" and weighing around 170 thinks he is "jacked" and knowing of all things related to the human body. Oh lord a couple years of high school Biology and he is an expert on gym training.

In other news well you know I redesigned this blog, joined twitter and I plan to be posting more often. This of course should be possible since I got my new contact lenses yesterday. Suddenly I had found myself imitating old librarians, looking over my glasses or holding pages at arms length. Ah age.

Work of course continued to annoy but I made progress in a matter that seemed headed for endless delay.

Then today my son started his summer job. It seems that he reads this blog or learned something from his last two years of SAT and college prep as he is teaching critical reading and writing to kids who hope to go to college in the States. Yay, he's earning by doing something useful!!


Suburban Correspondent said...

Nice to meet you!

Execumama said...

Great to meet you, CEOmum! Sounds like you have both hands full! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh, and yes, ma'am -- your assessment was on point, I'm 100% Jamaican, and di pickney dem a try mek mi resort to mi granny dem method fi tame pickney (lol)!

Nekey said...

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Ups.. Kris's blog is wonderful, isn't it?