Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Home School

Some stay at home parents have considered homeschooling their kids but are reluctant to take the plunge. for a number of reasons In some cases they are intimidated by the "difficult" subjects in which they didn't excel at school; on the other hand they prefer to avoid the disapproving remarks they get from family, friends or other parents who think homeschooling is "bad" for kids.

For these parents, summer is the ideal time for them to try out a bit of homeschooling. The summer is long and kids will get bored, so it is a great opportunity for parents to get involved in teaching at home without the attendant criticism.

Summer provides a wonderful occasion to have fun and one of the great things about learning is that it can be fun. This is what I have been stressing in my posts entitled:
The important thing is to encourage kids' curiosity and seek to encourage them to find answers. The internet is a great resource tool that can help generate ideas for fun, engaging activities and most of the resources are free.

One great site to which I subscribe is which is chockful of helpful materials and ideas to get you going. Take a look at their Student Help Center. I love the Astronomy for Kids section. Your kids will love looking at the sky with their binoculars. What can be cooler than going to school at night? Free stuff include a skymap, a desktop planetarium and tons of other stuff.

Explore your online options and interract with your kids this summer. There is a fabulous world of educational fun out there: free movies, card games, planning sheets etc. Who knows they might enjoy it so much that by the time September rolls around they'll be clamouring for Fall Home School.

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Shanna said...

Thanks for the tips...I'll have to check out that site!