Saturday, May 16, 2009

7 Free Gifts and Deals for Parents and Kids

Those of you who have come here often enough know that I am a real advocate for kids education. I have been very busy and so haven't been posting much. Nevertheless, anything that encourages learning just grabs my attention. Hope to grab yours and make up for my absence with these contests, ideas and deals.

  1. I've met many bloggers here who enjoy writing (hey isn't that what blogging is all about) and have dreams of authoring a book. Heck I even completed a children's writing course eons ago. So if you'd like to make your dream a reality how about entering the Cherrios Spoonsful of Stories Children's Book Contest. The grand prize is a whopping $5,000.00. Entries close July 15.
  2. Are you one of those people who is just addicted to your computer. If you'd rather look at a screen than read a book or if you love getting free book you can download these for free. Wow Salem's Lot is there and I want to read that again.
  3. If your kids enjoy the computer let it be educational. Here is a site with some wonderful illustrated children's books which you and your kids can read for free with just the click of this link.
  4. Your kids will love their certificates awarded for improvement in reading or just for completing their art work, a book or a chore. Make their certificates with the Certificate Maker from Crayola. Reigster for free.
  5. I know some of you adults love the Harry Potter books. Nothing is greater than enjoying books together with your kids. Get free Harry Potter bookmarks here.
  6. Your kids won't learn if they lack nourishment. Hunger and learning do not go well together. So check out these places where your kids can eat for free.
  7. Don't bother to buy expensive software to help your kids to learn more about the world. They can do that for free right here. Just give them room to explore.
And ah yes how could I forget. Rush to take advantage of this opportunity at where today you can get a $25 gift certificate for 3 bucks. Just type in discount code TASTY.

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