Saturday, April 4, 2009

Breast Surgery is an Option

When my friend was in her early thirties she had Breast Surgeryspecifically a lumpectomy to treat her breast cancer. I can't help but wonder if she opted for that instead of a mastectomy due to her fear of appearing deformed somewhat. She wasn't married, she didn't have kids and so she wanted to maintain what is a most feminine feature, her breasts.

Today cosmetic surgery procedures are so advanced that you can just about get yourself shaped up any way you wish. Whether it is plumped up, trimmed down, removed or tucked, you can re-shape your body to look amazing in light of the advances that have been made in medicine. At MYA or Make Yourself Amazing a group of cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK a range of services are offered.

If you want to get a boob job or breast enhancement, you can consider yourself normal. As this is one of the most common procedures and the beneficiaries give MYA high marks. Recovery takes one week.

Some women on the other hand have such huge breasts they have health problems - back pain for example. The solution: breast reduction which involves the removal of fat and re-arrangement of the nipple to make your breasts look real nice.

Then there is the breast uplift for those of us who may be fighting gravity due to the effects of childbirth or weightloss. Got drooping breasts, the docs at MYA can make them pert again and you only have to spend 2 nights.

Some people think that getting your body fixed is a tad superficial but this can be a very helpful alternative for many for a host of reasons including psychological.

Sometimes I speculate that if my friend had had the mastectomy maybe she would be free of the cancer today.

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