Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sleek is In

Have you noticed that everything is sleek nowadays ?We have flat screen TV's, slim phones, bags that can hold everything while concealing the bulk, skinny pants, even slim lattes are on offer.

My son eats like horse and he is sleek too. Tall and slim like a string bean. He has no idea of his weight and no interest in it. When I returned from my long weekend trip my husband had slimmed down, so of course I dare not buck the trend. At my age which we will call "around middle" that caramel frappuccino that I consumed as mentioned below can be deemed taking a risk. Somehow women who are accustomed to being slender can all of a sudden find the pounds creeping on as the years grow and their metabolism slows down. What to do?

Personally I love to walk and from reports, doctors consider it a great form of exercise; but since I don't live in a walking friendly city like New York I have to find a convenient place for walking and if the scenery isn't spectacular I might find myself getting bored with it and have to head for the good old gym.

But what about people who are too big or too embarrassed to go to the gym? Well they could work out at home or try using a slimming product to lose weight before heading out to work more off or they could go under the knife. With the high cost of health care and the many health insurance issues I would unless it would otherwise be a health risk, resist the latter. As for pills well some reports say some diet pills do work but before choosing this option I'd go to my doctor. One product that is getting great reviews is lipofuze . It gets a big thumbs up in terms of its effectiveness, its record of safety. its value for money and its ingredients. It contains ginger, green tea and cinnamon among other ingredients. Some people say it is so good they have had to lower the dosage as the weight started to peel off too fast, with no other side effects. At this pill is highly recommended.

Come Monday, I think I'll be heading to the gym. Hey, it has air conditioning and I do live in the tropics.

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