Saturday, January 17, 2009

Learn, Save and ShopWiki

While not a shopoholic, I do love to shop. I especially love shopping (particularly the window variety) when I travel. But with the economy in crisis and the retail industry struggling to keep afloat, everybody is cutting back. My way of dealing with it is to comparison shop online. My research led me to discover a fabulous shopping search engine: ShopWiki, which crawls more than 200,000 online stores. At ShopWiki you don't actually shop but you find products, the stores that sell the products and their prices. When I checked them out today they had 223,963,832 products in their database.

What sets Shopwiki apart however is that they are also one huge shopping guide. For example if you want to purchase a washing machine, you can visit their Housewares and Home Maintenance section. When you select washing machine you will discover quite a bit of useful information to assist in choosing the right washing machine for you. If you want a space saver, there are several options. They offer recommendations and the pros and cons for the standard top loader, the front loader and the top loading high efficiency types. They even let you in on the latest in washing machine technology.

I spent a good half hour on their Home and Garden section examining their garden guides and other goodies. Of course they have guides for all regions from the dry tropical south to the wet pacific northwest. The outdoor accents got my attention too, as I always wished for a water fountain approached by stepping stones. Maybe one day. Right now I'm heading to explore the warming drawers.

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