Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Struggling to Read No More

As most people who come here know, I adore reading and believe strongly in encouraging children to read. So I was more than pleased to come across the eReading Pro blog. This is a blog by Denese Mcdonald, the founder of eReading Pro, who is passionate about teaching reading to struggling readers. Her job actually entails travelling around the world to demonstrate her reading program and she shares her journeys with her readers.

What is eReading Pro

Denese explains that it is designed primarily for the visual reader. The reader who struggles with learning to read phonetically; these include readers with dyslexia, add/adhd, down's syndrome and other disabilities.

Denese explains:
"[visual] readers tend to use the right side of their brain for reading rather than the left side. In doing so, words are remembered as pictures, rather than by way of the phonetic decoding methods that are used by the left side of the brain. Children who are visual learners tend to have weaker auditory processing skills along with weaker auditory memory. For these children, remembering how letters and sounds fit together to make up a word can be challenging."
Denese recommends that parents have children start reading at an early age, a view with which I agree. I actually taught my son to read and it developed his language skills remarkably. Not many parents feel competent to teach their kids to read and in this case the eReading Pro could prove very useful. If you detect that your child is a visual learner then this product is perfect but any young reader would enjoy using this tool and kids who are not learning disabled learn to read using both visual and phonetic methods anyway.

One more thing I hope Denese continues to recommend good books. I am getting the Lawrence Hill book "Someone Knows My Name". The reviews are fantastic and I anticipate buying this book with great excitement.

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