Friday, November 28, 2008

Save Buckets on Gifts

My google analytics reports that visitors come to this blog from all over the world, mostly to read my views on issues in the sphere of education. Since the time of good cheer, happiness and gift giving is upon us concurrent with considerations of economic restraint I'm alerting my readers to a site that allows you to compare prices of thousands of gifts which can be shipped anywhere in the world.

I am a sucker for a girly fragrance with staying power. Whenever I get the chance I browse the perfume counters looking for that perfect scent, then I check the price. Now I can go home with my pocket book smelling nice (with all those testers) and quite possibly not too much lighter since I can price compare online. Sometimes I hear about or smell a fabulous perfume on someone and want to add it to my list of gift ideas but I just cannot find it in my usual stores. Again online shopping at Save Buckets can come to the rescue.

My son is quite amused at my ignorance about the ipod and my claims of youthfulness. Yes I don't have one yet, so as a gift to myself I will be checking out the cheapest, sleekest one I can find to keep me humming on the move. He'll smile but it will be mine.

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