Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Well I'm here in Florida enjoying the beach, an American tradition and a welcome holiday. Turkey is in the oven, mum is in the kitchen, son is in bed, the macy's parade is on and life is good. It is a fine concept, this idea of taking time to give thanks as we engage in fellowship with family and friends. While not a part of the culture in which I grew up the Thanksgiving tradition is easy to embrace and appreciate.

Of course after we read the novel we have been meaning to complete for weeks, watch a slew a movies and show gratitude for all the wonderful people and experiences we have known , some of us will try to take advantage of Black Friday. At least we hope that we will be able to keep our our economy's status in the black, whether it is by scouting for deals of just enjoying the view. If you'd like some help in doing the former, check out the Black Friday Strategy guide for great tips on how to find the best loacations, deals and prices. You will receive a bonus, the top Cyber-Monday products based on value and overall discount. The best thing is it is free. So go download it, print it and take it with you tomorrow.

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