Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun With Figures

My friend was complaining to me recently about the problems her daughter was having with math. She doesn't understand how she has gone from an A student up to 5th grade and now suddenly she has lost interest and accuses her teacher of giving tedious mental math exercises. It reminded me of my earlier post Math is Fun Too - if taught in a way that kids find interesting and even exciting. The key I think is to bring math home to the child in a way that he can relate to in his own life.

My son however told me about this E-book called Fun with Figures which a friend shared with him. He said it was cool, addictive and so much easier than the traditional methods, he didn't understand why they didn't use those methods in school. Now can you imagine being addicted to math? The idea behind it is to show plain, simple, logical techniques to quickly figure out problems.

Whether you're in 5th grade or in your 50's math will a necessary part of your lfie but Fun with Figures makes it so easy you don't need to reach for the calculator. We know for those aptitude tests like the SSAT and the SAT 1 you aren't allowed to use a calculator anyway so under timed conditions mental agility is key and practising with Fun With Figures will take you there.

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