Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Secure Your Files and Win Prizes

Saving and sending files securely have got to be two real important considerations especially when you are working online. Many of you would already have had to unzip a downloaded file. You should have been zipping files too for your own good. If you have never done so, now is the time for zipping files. What's zipping? It really is just making files smaller and we all know that size matters!! How frustrating it can be when we see that message telling us the thumbdrive has no more space. If it is smaller it will be quicker to send, easier to store and to secure.

Now the guys over at PKWARE are giving you the opportunity to compress and secure your documents, email attachments, and photos for free with their new software, Secure Zip express. This of course is for non-commercial use only because you see it is not one of those 30 day trials. It is for as long as you want. The best part is they are having a contest. Yep, if you head on over to, you can enter the contest by downloading Secure Zip for free then registering in the green area.

They have $12,000 worth of prizes including:
Honda Scooter
Nintendo Wii and Mario Kart Wii
$50 Gas Cards
$10 iTunes Gift Cards

Secure Zip is the 2008 PC Magazine's Editor's Choice awardee. So it is trusted and proven. Give it a try and maybe you'll be a two time winner.

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