Thursday, October 9, 2008

Make Your Business a Success

Sometimes it is when the going gets rough (like during an economic downturn) that innovative ideas get going. Many jobs have been lost in the United States this year and it is anticipated that echoes of this will reverberate around the world. It is in this climate that some people will explore the option of starting their own business. Those who pursued careers in investment banking, management consulting and corporate law could be receiving their pink slips and in light of the downsizing mode of many employers, they may have no choice but to take the opportunity to parlay their skills into new ventures. This is how many entrepreneurs have been born.

Whether you decide to sell baked products, open a toddler center or prep high school kids for college tests, with a new business comes the need to reach markets far and wide. David Aitken started his company, Heritage Web Solutions, in 2001 with a shoe string budget of $1,000, designing websites for small businesses from home at nights with his brother Jeremy. His idea: help small-business owners develop websites to compete with those of larger companies. By 2004 the company's earnings had exceeded $1 million dollars and this year it is set to soar beyond an amazing $20 million.

This is a company that has received recognition for its standing in the IT community. It is currently ranked No. 49 in the Top 100 IT Services Companies by INC 500 and the key for growth is said to be its affordable pricing. You can visit their site at to view samples of their one-of-a-kind designs and you can also check out the options for domain hosting. Their full custom work starts at $199 and you can get bronze hosting - the cheapest option at $39.99.

This is an example of a good business idea and hard work leading to success. For persons who may be thinking of starting a new business, think of this story as an inspiration and maybe you may even link to these guys to market your business.

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