Saturday, October 18, 2008

Get A House for $10

As an attorney whose practice includes lots of real estate work this story in Business Week caught my eye. According to the article, Brown University in Providence, rhode Island is offering three homes on its campus for $10. The University needs space to construct its Mind Behaviour Building and instead of demolition it is choosing to sell the homes but you must have figured by now that if they want the space it means the buyer has got to haul the homes away. The homes are 19th century homes by the way so if you love old homes, you should check it out.

Have you ever watched the HGTV show Haulin' House with its tagline "when it's time for a change of address, Haulin' House gives just pick up and move a whole new meaning? They lift the homes from its foundation using hydraulic jacks and move it ever so slowly to its new location. When you see it in action it is non-stop keeping your fingers crossed. The trees, bridges, street lamps and so on become obstacles like never before.

I have no idea what hauling those homes cost but as a sweetener the university is offering to assist with relocation expenses. So if you have got the land, go grab your historic $10 house.

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