Monday, October 13, 2008

Chocolates for Breakfast

This morning I shocked myself when I awoke at 10:00am. I couldn't believe it. One minute I was up at 6:00am opening the door for my husband coming in from his jog and the next thing I knew I was rolling out of bed FOUR hours later. What the heck just happened? I am a lawyer with responsibilites and no one thought to wake me. My husband said I was snoring too sweetly. I was out the door in 30 minutes having had Chocolates for Breakfast! No kidding, 2 snicker bars. Crazy!! The cereal would have just taken too long. I comforted myself with the assurance that at least I'd avoided the slice of chocolate cake and I didn't have breakfast in bed.

That whole experience made me feel like a Hollywood degenerate for the entire day. By early afternoon I had accomplished some good and earned some fees, but man was I hungry. So I decided to head home (about 5 minutes away) because I remembered the curried chicken I'd cooked yesterday. Leftovers or not, curried chicken is one of my favourite meals. I love it with roti, rice or rice and gungo peas. So I had the latter, a real West Indian meal, in the early afternoon. Can you guess what happened?

It must have been a hectic weekend.

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