Thursday, August 7, 2008

One Big Mac ...Quick!

Nope this has nothing to do with Micky D or fast food of any sort. The thing is my old Toshiba laptop is on its last legs. With my son home for the summer and his computer kaput, my computer has gotten a workout like never before. Applications, downloads and operations of all sorts have resulted in the coumputer taking forever to do every single thing. It is so slow even Job would need a psychiatrist. So I’m trying out my husband’s Mac. Believe it or not he has had this iMac for a few years and all he has done is install music and of course uploaded his photos.

This is my second day checking it out. It came with Safari installed and I’m trying to get used to it. Right away I realize that some features that I used to see when posting on blogger are just missing. Where is the hyperlink tool? Will I now have to type out the code a href=”” with the tags and all that jazz instead of just hyperlinking. Also I love to use the justify option so that my posts are neatly aligned at the edges. Can't do it anymore. What about inserting a video? Will I ever be able to do that? Blogger users/creators HELP!! I did love Mozilla Firefox, do I have to install it to get those options back? As for the mouse, it has no right click feature which I dearly miss. I used it to undo, copy, open new tab and more.

The one thing that keeps me coming back to this computer though is the speed. This thing is fast!! On my old computer I could turn it on then take a shower before the thing would be fully up and running. As for shutting down. I’d click the start menu, click shut down and wait f o r e.. v ....e……….r. All I do now is click that little apple at the top left hand side of my screen, click shut down, blink and it’s over. Seriously!

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