Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BOLT - Fastest Man Alive

At this point I can barely speak, such was the excitement this morning as we willed Usain Bolt with our lungs and our vocal cords, to a scintillating world record win in the 200 metres sprint the Bird's Nest Beijing.

It was important for all of us to be watching, as this we anticipated would be not merely a world class but a one of a kind never to be seen again experience. Not only would we be seeing superhuman speed but fixity of purpose, guts and raw talent bound in one. In our family it was compulsory for our son to be watching for 2 reasons as this would demonstrate that:
  1. Regardless of your background you can compete with anyone and be the best and;
  2. Hard work and determination do yield results
We were not disappointed. Again we had to give it all our attention from the explosive start to that beautiful streak around the curve and then down the stretch to the finish line. Our pure Jamaican thoroughbred gave the world a show that was simply magnificent.

Down the stretch of the last 100 metres he strode with maximum velocity and power. Oh the stride, the muscle, the strength, the grace! It was just a beauty to watch, he was in a zone and so were we. We screamed as we watched him glance toward the clock and realized that he had done it, he had erased Michael Johnson's record by 2/100ths of a second. Incredibly we had no idea who had come second. Who came second was indeed the question. Bolt had once again obliterated the field, he was ahead by about 4 body lengths. AMAZING.

That had to await the replay and as it turned out also protests by USA. In the end it was Crawford and Dix who were granted 2nd and 3rd after disqualifications of Martina and Spearman. Let me add here that I wished Tyson Gay had been fit to run this race. I gather that he and Bolt are friends and Bolt missed him too.

Let us hope that Usain will continue to shine and that the naysayers (after his 100 metre win) will recognize that this is truly a gifted young boy (his 22nd birthday is tomorrow) who came to the Olympics and was greatly excited with his first ever Olympic gold medal. What sweet, sweet victory for the little boy from the country who cried when he went to his first international event. I wish him all the best.

We never thought we could take anymore but then we had another athlete in the next race. Yes we took it with glee. There was our own Melaine Walker taking home the gold in the 400 m hurdle in a race that saw victory guaranteed by sound technique. In a well measured race, Walker conserved her energy until the last few hurdles where she outclassed the field whose were simply left running on empty.

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