Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Have Rights

My friend Carly reminded me today that this year is the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Every Human Has Rights campaign has been launched to commemorate this anniversary. Many of us take these rights for granted; but consider how different you life would be if you were not able to enjoy these rights which are the foundation of freedom, the value of which which many of us underestimate simply because we live them every day.

Click here to read the full version and here to read the plain English language version then choose one and learn more about it, write about it, discuss it, find out where it doesn't exist or is being eroded. Or perhaps you might just simply choose to link to the Every Human Has Rights campaign site which highlights specific themes which are interwoven into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This month the focus is on the Right to Freedom from Hunger which is encompassed under article 25. We learn that before the recent sharp increase in world food prices,
"an estimated 850 million people were going hungry and 30,000 children were dying from hunger related diseases every day. Now, because of a number of factors, food prices are on the rise, hunger riots have taken place in at least 40 countries, and the world food crisis continues to grow at unprecedented rates".
Earlier this year there were reports of food riots in Haiti. Similar stories were told in Bangladesh and Mozambique.

So hunger, fear and anger resulting from skyrocketing food prices and shortages can lead to other rights like the right to life and security, being threatened or undermined.

As a part of the international community, it is in our interest to get involved, learn more and take action.

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