Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Need Glasses

My friend has never worn glasses but now that she has reached "middle age" she has to hold the paper at arms length to see the words. Presbyopia has arrived. Personally she is lucky. I have been decked in eyewear for much too long, unfortunately more often than not I am in contacts. When I started as a teen they were the conventional hard non-gas permeable ones. Those things were tough and believe me despite the thick bulbous nature of my lens, my glasses would have suited me fine but keratoconus desn't allow me to see well enough without my contacts. Thank God technology has moved ahead so that now I can wear gas permeable ones though they are still hard.

This means that I have not been meticulous about changing my glasses since I don't really wear them that often but I have realized that not only are these somewhat dated, but they are weak. I expect to lose some ability to see but when I take out my contacts my glasses are just a little better than no glasses at all. Plus the new styles are stylish. I like the new, small, modern, geometric styles.

I plan to get a new prescription and check out some I have seen online at They have quite a range and the lens are 1.57 high index. Which means they are pretty thin not bulbous! Some are a little to wild for me like this one:

But I have lots more to choose from and they start at $8.00 and all come with anti-scratch coating, full uv protection, lens edge polishing and bevelling and if for some rason you decide you don't like th glasses anymore you can just return them with the order copy and case within four weeks you will get a 50% refund.

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