Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boots, Boots More Boots

My son has wide feet and wears size 12 shoes, so he has a penchant for boots. He thinks his feet look neater in them. So far we have stuck to the Timberland brand which worked out well. His last pair was stolen at school so I guess others recognize their good quality too.

Since my husband's hobby is photography and his focus is on land and seascapes, he has decided that he would like to get some work boots to wear on his photo shoots; this especially after he toppled in the Black River from which he had to make a quick escape since the river is known as a habitat for crocodiles.

Work Boots USA has a wide range of boots to choose from and you can shop by style or by brand and they have free ground shipping on orders over $100. My guys are leaning towards the Timberland waterproof boots. I got caught up in it too as Bates and Corcoran offer women's footwear. If you want more freebies, Danner outdoor boots and 511 tactical waterproof workboots come with free socks.

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