Monday, June 2, 2008

Mom's Personality

Tranny Head is the funniest lawyer-mom I know. Well she is not quite a lawyer yet but in a few weeks she'll have her degree. She alerted me to this site which gives us four questions to help up discover our mothering personality type. To be honest I never feel quite right when answering these quizzes. Sometimes I feel that the options are limited and I may be a little bit of each but of course you have to choose one of only two options. Oh well. Let me know your results. I ended up being the "how to" mother - ESTJ.


Like a Bolt of Lightning

I wonder what mothering personality type is Jennifer Bolt. This is one lady who has confidence in her son, Usain Bolt the Jamaican sprinting sensation who smashed Asafa Powell's 100m record of 9.74 on Saturday night at Icahn Stadium in New York. Soaking up the strong outpouring of Jamaican support, Bolt stormed down the wet track and dried up his competitors leaving them, especially American Tyson Gay, with damp spirits and more than enough time to watch as he seared .02 seconds off Powell's previous world record.

One major newspaper called his world record run mind-boggling another referred to him as superlative. Regardless of the descriptions we were thrilled to watch (over and over and over again) the 21 year old, 6 ft 5 in. athlete, gain such an unprecedented achievement and will be there to watch as he and Asafa meet again at the Jamaica national trials at the end of this month as they prepare to head to Beijing.

What is funny is that he was just using this as "speed work" to prepare for the 200m which is his favourite event.

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