Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last SAT on Saturday

Saturday, June 7 marks the last test day for this academic year for students sitting the SAT reasoning and subject tests. Bet you thought I was going to blog about Father's day. Well yes that is coming soon but some kids have asked some questions about the SAT subject test. Some concerns are:

  • If my school is a test centre and school is out, will it be open for the SAT.
    • The College Board has put out a list of the centers which will be closed for the June SAT. The list can be found here and includes international centers.
  • If I missed my registration deadline, can I still take the test.
    • Standby testing is available but only if there is enough space and materials at the test centre. You won't know this until the day of the test. In addition to the regular test fee you will also have to pay a standby fee. Standby testing is not allowed in all countries. See more information here.
  • Can I change the test for which I registered on the test day
    • Yes. If however you are changing from the SAT reasoning test to a subject test then you will have to pay a change fee. If you want to change from one subject test to another subject test, eg. you registered for Physics and want to change to Math, you will not be charged. The only exception is the language test with listening which requires special equipment so the test centre must be notified adequately before the test date. You can also take up to three subject tests on the day so if you want to do an additional test you can but of course you must pay a fee.
I know this because my son and his friends are taking the test and some questions came up. One final thing I learned too was that if you wish to cancel the score for a test you can but you must do so by the Wednesday after the test date; and in the case of the subject tests all of the Subject Tests taken on that date are canceled while in the case of the SAT reasoning test all scores from all sections of the test are canceled.

Good it will soon be over then the kids can enjoy their summer.

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