Saturday, June 21, 2008

Make Your Own ClipArt

If you enjoy playing around with clipart and images or if you have problems finding the perfect one and don't wish to use your own photos or spend precious time on Photoshop, how about checking out a sign generator. For those of you who are already familiar with this I crave your indulgence but my son just brought it to my attention and I think it is really a nifty tool.

A sign generator is just what is says. It allows you to generate a sign using an image as a template. In most cases there are a range of images each of which includes a blank canvas ideal for you to add your own text. Check out this Funny Sign Generator site which allows you to choose images from several categories such as: Animals, People, Protesters and so on. If I click on People and select the image of "Guy in front of some street" I can add my own words "Please Buy My Home" to the blank slate and produce this:

Look at this one I made at Street Sign generator. Yes that's Mars and CEOmum has got a presence there too.

My favourite is this site which has over 500 sign generators. You can create your own free clipart, graphics, e-card from this vast list of image templates which can even include your own photographs. I used this one with the familiar Message in a bottle theme thanks to Image Shack.

Of course you also have the option of making your sign using your own photos. Remember I had used this photo courtesy of my husband Paul for my Picture of the month in February. Here it is with text attached. Of course they have embedded their url. Good advertising for the sign generator.

The best thing about these sign generators is the speed at which you are able to create them. No lengthy inserting of text box, sending text back or any such complicated thing. You select your image generator be it tattoo name, computer keyboard key or a simple stop sign generator - remember there are 500. Then you insert your text, change the font size, name and colour and click change the text et voila you see a preview of your sign. You can edit as you like before you save or get html code.

Bloggers can use this as a useful tool to create blog headers too. Enjoy.

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