Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can This Really Get Rid of Wrinkles

In an earlier post I had given some tips on how to keep the skin soft especially during the harsh winter months. Now that it is summer my son is still using the immune perfect to maintain his skin tone and it works so well I need to get some of my own but then I saw this declaration: Reduce Wrinkles While You Sleep With Frownies! and I wondered,
"Can this piece of paper really get rid of wrinkles?"
They call them facial pads but they really are pieces of paper with sticky backs and you paste them on your wrinkles, go to sleep and remove them in the morning. They have them in shapes to fit your forehead and the corners of your eyes and mouth where you traditionally get wrinkles. I was skeptical and clicked on the how they work section to discover that there is supposedly some biological explanation to this seemingly simple wrinkle fighting plan. They explain that repeated facial movements like frowning, smiling and squinting damage the skin tissues and this makes it easy for muscles to press the skin together eh voila you have got a wrinkle. Now the Frownies that you paste on at night are supposed to form a splint holding the layer of skin smooth and flat overnight while the skin cells reposition themselves supporting the natural, smooth, healthy-looking skin. So you are training or re-training the muscles to relax so that the wrinkles will vanish.

I don't know, I am still skeptical. I mean isn't that what Botox does, relaxes the muscles and you look good for a few months and then..... they're back! So how could this paper thingamajig work?

Still doubtful I looked here, here and here. Then I looked at the Frownies' testimonials and saw where Rene Russo claims to use this product. Here is the quote:

"So I go to the drugstore, and get these things that have been around forever called Frownies. They have adhesive on one side, like a glue. You lick that side, separate your crease, put it on the crease, and sleep with it. And the next morning you look better. I swear by them."

And we all know that Rene Russo looks good. Remember the Thomas Crown Affair? But here is the thing. Don't you get the impression that Russo still uses them? It isn't like she is saying she used to have wrinkles then she used Frownies and now they are gone. She is saying, you put them on at night and when you wake up you look better and I suspect she puts them on the next night too and the next and the next. So I suspect that Frownies has a temporary effect and that if they are to have any kind of long lasting effect then you have to keep on using them.

This may not be a bad idea especially if you don't want to use needles or face the surgeon's knife. If anyone has used it, let me know. I might as well give it a try and yes I'll let you know. On the other hand I may go for the duct tape, it's paper with adhesive on one side, isn't it?

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