Friday, May 9, 2008

What's in Your Tote

I'm late for Filch It Friday but having just recently taken a short trip I thought it'd be useful to filch from Kathy Likes Pink, who let us in on what's in her handbag. She purchased a new handbag from Target (pronounced tar-GHAY). The pronunciation cracks me up but her four pairs of glasses are way crazier than me. We women have handbags that no matter the size have the capacity to hold an endless supply of stuff we don't really need to carry around.

These are the stuff I have in my tote today:
  1. 1 tube of lipstick
  2. 1 lipstick case with mirror containing a 2nd tube of lipstick
  3. 2 tubes of Wetslick lip gloss
  4. 1 Red Parker pen
  5. 1 Black Papermate pen
  6. 1 Relic Wallet with checkbook holder
  7. 1 pocket diary
  8. 1 Palm Zire
  9. 1 pair of prescription glasses
  10. contact lens case
  11. contact lens cleaning solution
  12. 1 strip of iron tablets
  13. USPS delivery confirmation receipt
  14. Immune Shield protect and repair (anti-wrinkle) sachet
  15. 2 cell phones (different providers)
  16. Feminine wipes
  17. MTA map of New York subway
  18. 1 eucalyptus mint
I omitted to mention the various receipts.

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