Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Otaheite Apple

Recently I wrote about the June Plum. Interestingly in some places they call June Plum, Otaheite Apple. We however mean something quite different when we say Otaheite Apple.

This fruit is beautiful in appearance, with its oval or pear shape and its shiny red to burgundy colour. It is sweet and juicy too with a single large seed in the centre. I have read that sometimes it is seedless but I have never come across one without a seed. There are many other names for this sweet fruit like Pomarosa, Pommerac, Malacca Apple, Plum Rose and Malay Apple.

The flesh of the Otaheite apple is white and juicy. In fact it is because of the fruit's high water content that it does not last very long. I bought half a dozen yesterday and I am going through them very quickly as I don't want them to spoil. If they are getting too soft, you can refrigerate or better yet put it trough the juicer. It makes a light refreshing drink. Here is a picture of the inside:

Some people say that it is native to Malaysia. It is certainly common throughout the Pacific. Voyagers are said to have transported it to East Africa. One Captain Bligh carried small trees to Jamaica from Tahiti. Of course it flourished here because it really does enjoy tropical climates.

I hear that in some places people like to eat the fruit stewed. Other people use it to make both read and white wine. I love it raw and expect to have my fill until the season ends around August.

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