Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moms are Super

Last week while watching my son race at a track meet I met an attorney mom. Her daughter was competing too but for the other boarding school. She told me she had five kids, three of whom are away at school and so now her home felt empty. She commented that couldn't imagine what my home was like since we only have one child. Oh yes the house feels like a barren wasteland! As we chatted in the freezing weather (the MA version of spring is apparently cold/hot/cold/hot and sometimes warm) I noticed her husband had walked off to sit in his warm car. Not us, there we were numb moms, bundled up and determined to stick it out to watch that one important race.

Whether we are working or stay at home moms, there we are at the track, the pool, the field, the theatre, the art studio and so on. It seems we acquired this natural gift with motherhood and often no one can dare try to stop us. As Kate recently wrote at her blog:
"My powers, rather, seem to have come to me in stages: first with a wedding ring, a bit more with the birth of each child, and apparently still more with each passing year."
Why didn't Darwin address this? As moms we really do seem to evolve into superheroes with amazing physical and mental powers. Speaking of which have you read about the woman who is pregnant with her 18th child? While I marvel at Michelle Duggar's tenacity, strength and perpetual cheerfulness I confess to harboring some bewilderment and resentment toward her husband Jim-Bob who has put his wife through so much diapers, laundry, swollen breasts and 135 months of pregnancy for chrissakes! Of course she must have agreed to this but why I cannot begin to fathom. I wonder how they pay tribute to this giant of a mom on Mother's Day.

Whether we have one child or eighteen children moms are real special people. acknowledgment of how her [mom's] feminism has made you a happier person". As a single mother my mom was awesome, she always spoke up about wrongs she perceived, she always stood up for herself and for me. She drove like a trucker and didn't suffer fool's gladly. When she put on that kick ass red pantsuit you'd better watch out as she was raring to go. I thought she was invincible. Today she is still learning and moving and we talk everyday. Yep she got her Mother's day call already.

Yeah for moms!

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