Friday, April 11, 2008

Sick and Tired of Make Money Online Sites

I am really tired of reading how to make money online. Now don’t get me wrong, I have learned a lot from most of the ones I have read but I feel so bombarded by the flood of bloggers trying to let me in on their one of a kind secret for “free” that I tend to either avoid them outright or just stick to few seemingly real professionals. Unfortunately this is what they usually offer:

§ very little real information; but hey even though they write nothing it is a whole bright, colorful page long

§ request for money right at the very end of the page of non-information inflated with fabulous testimonials from other money making machines saying, “This is the greatest product ever, I don’t know how I managed without it. Can I get an Amen?”

§ downloadable “free” secret tips in exchange for your email

§ other crappy “free” products supposedly as part of that big secret tip

§ useless free secret products tied to expensive software absolutely necessary to implement the myriad secret tips

§ spammy requests via email to join some line that has already made loads of cash. You could be next!


Lots of new bloggers, are drawn to this niche because they feel that this is where they can really make some quick cash. I am a newbie blogger myself but I think I can spot an insubstantial article when I see it. I have no problem with new bloggers who are trying to make money but if you have not established yourself as a real money earner in the business, why should I listen to you? On the other hand if you have made lots of money why should I believe you’ll let me in easily on your little secret either? Come on we know you really don’t want to share the pie.

How it Works

  1. Gullible reader is told to download free ebook or to get access to another site to learn all about how to make money online. In order to get the link to download or get access gullible reader has to send email address.
  2. Before he can blink, link arrives. Gullible reader clicks link and voila, ebook arrives and he can read immediately, print or save this valuable information, after all it is now his for free remember; OR gullible reader is taken to another site where he is assailed by wonderful products which he must buy NOW, he will NEVER get this opportunity again. He feels like it is a matter of life or death and if he ever dares to move away from the page he may be doomed to a life of pure misery and poverty FOREVER.
  3. Gullible reader reads assiduously and implements as best he can. There is so much wonderful information that gullible reader must use, oh if only time would permit. Wow he reads and clicks and spends and reads and clicks and spends again furiously, anxiously, and eagerly not remembering the time limit to request a guaranteed refund is quickly approaching.
  4. Gullible reader does get a bit of change not quite the cha ching moment he was expecting but he has made a little bit and he is pleased when the coins roll in.
  5. You know of course that by now gullible reader is an affiliate of crappy product seller and so you can guess what he did. Oh yes that is how he amassed that fortune of coins, he found a partner gullible reader to continue the miserable cycle.
  6. But gullible reader has entered the game too late and other gullible readers aren’t exactly a dime a dozen; so when gullible reader calculates how much he has spent he discovers that he is actually in the red.
  7. Gullible reader is now seeing red. He is frustrated as he can’t quite recoup all he has spent. He is told he must have patience, he must learn the tricks of marketing, he is told it takes a long time and it is hard work.

But they didn’t tell him this on the bright colorful front page, did they?

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