Monday, April 21, 2008

Parenting Trends for 2008

When I was pregnant and also as a young mother I used to gobble up every issue of Parents Magazine. Now that I am so busy (writing blog posts and being a CEO mum) I view where they are highlighting parenting trends for 2008.

Some of the issues they forecast as the big news makers this year are:

  1. Baby Names - They say anything goes this year. Frankly that seems to be the continuation of a trend started sometime ago. They give an example of Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards) and using surnames as first names. Since anything goes my friend should be proud of her name Myrth. She hates the name and uses her middle name Wendy instead.
  2. Toy Safety - Of course with the heightened publicity given to lead poisoning and the lead content in toys especially in lead based paint, this is no surprise. Parents have a right to be concerned and must inform themselves. They can do so by opening a free account here and getting updates.
  3. Better Work-Life Balance - Parents are demanding and employers are responding to this yearning to ease family related concerns in the hope of improving work productivity. Over 70 baby friendly companies are included in the data base of Parenting in the Workplace Institute. Other companies may not go this far but may provide day care facilities on the premises or nearby for the benefit of their employees.
  4. Sophisticated Nurseries - Apparently the basic pink for girls and blue for boys are out. More sophisticated hues like pumpkin, deep burgundy, hunter green or aqua are hip for nurseries and they claim babies see them better than softer muted shades.
  5. Joint Travel - To reduce costs and provide instant playmates for kids, the latest trend for families is to travel to vacation getaways with friends. So if you want to reconnect with old friends, get trendy and plan for both families to vacation together. Make sure you deal with the cost sharing issues up front instead of squabbling about it later.

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