Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mom has a Beard Too!

One of the weird things about the female aging process is that women's hair often starts thinning. While there can be different reasons for hair loss, heredity and changes in hormone levels are said to be the most common reasons. But what the heck is the deal with facial hair in women?

I watched a show recently on TLC, it is called 10 Years Younger. They stick these poor women in a glass kiosk, ask passers-by to guess their age - which is usually way older than their real age - and then they work like hell to make over these ladies to ensure that by the end they appear younger, which on a final parade, all onlookers invariably confirm. So there was this one woman who was in her 30's and she had this well established, obvious beard. Yes an honest to goodness real beard. All concluded that it detracted from her appearance and so a part of her makeover involved a visit to the dermatologist.

Laser hair removal vs Electrolysis

The procedure to remove this female beard was quick and apparently painless. The dermatologist applied some kind of gel on the face and then zapped the beard away with a laser beam generating tool. This is not the same thing as electrolysis, that process involves inserting probes into hair follicles then destroying them with electricity. I googled both terms and learned that electrolysis has the advantage of offering permanent results but it can be painful, time consuming and expensive; while three laser treatments are required for a 50% to 70% reduction of facial hair.

Guess what I found that accounts for this decidedly male characteristic to come popping out of our skins? Oh yes, aging and heredity are the common factors, just like the case with thinning hair. Go figure!

So, if you are one of millions of women who find yourself hiding in the bathroom and tweezing those unsightly hairs every week, you are NORMAL. However if you start sounding like Barry White (you know that deep voice) , your beard is rather lush, you can't get pregnant, and/or you have an irregular menstrual cycle there may something wrong and the laser beam won't be good enough.

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