Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kids: Try an Exotic Fruit

My son has a friend who refuses to eat fruits. He absolutely hates fruits; a position I cannot comprehend. I was brought up to believe that fruits and veggies were not only good for me but that they taste good too. Like many parents I imitated my mother’s style of parenting so I brought up my son the same way and he loves fruits too.

Now one fruit we both love is the guava. The guava season is ending round about now and yesterday a friend who has a tree, brought me about three dozen guavas. I wish my son were here to help me to consume them. To tell you the truth my stomach is feeling a bit queasy right now since I’ve already eaten so many but I know I’ll be having some more before the end of the day.

For those of you who don’t know the guava, it is said to have more then three times the vitamin C content as an orange and it is full of fiber too. It also has lots of other good stuff like lycopene and high amounts of Vitamin A and B; but the best thing about this exotic fruit is that it tastes so good. I love the ones with the reddish, pink flesh with a sweet yet slightly tart flavor. Some people say that it tastes like a cross between a strawberry and a pear.

There are actually several different types. I have always distinguished them by the color of their insides. So I grew up loving what we called the “red belly guavas” with the skin still slightly green and which I only eat raw. There are some which are yellowish and even white inside but I don’t find those as sweet. Oh and most of them have lots of seeds. I made a harsh discovery when I bit into one in Costa Rica and it was the sourest thing I had ever tasted. I was told they use those only for making juice which is also tasty.

Guaves can also be used to make jams and jellies and even a sweet treat called guava cheese. Since it is sweet it can be used in desserts like pies and even ice cream. Some people say that they originated in Asia and others say Latin America. I have a friend in North Carolina who buys them at the Asian stores at a pretty steep price. Me, I get them free.

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