Friday, April 25, 2008

Google - Age Filched

This week I am filching from Nutmeg who filched from Lara. This is it seems is the ode to the Google-age. In my case I'm relying on my stats for my Power of Attorney blog which has let's say some more unusual visitors.

So here are some of the top queries according to Google for my site.

  • I feel asleep - As Nutmeg would say " Dude nobody is making you read it. And have you ever heard of a blogroll?
  • I fell asleep - Ok enough! It is law related not exciting like fertile healthy's hunks.
  • I fell a sleep - Yes you did when you wrote this. Are you a judge?
  • I can fell the say - What the hell are you trying to say? Come on man wake up.
  • Massachusetts happy hour law - Now we are talking and I daresay doing other things too.
  • Women Who Are Not Happy - Maybe you need to go to Massachusetts.
  • Bondage Monica - I swore it was supposed to be g-rated. Let us give fertile healthy something else to write about
  • Motivational Speakers - We think Bondage Monica can motivate them well enough.
  • Law School Hot Mama - You go girl. Come on down.
  • Power of Attorney Not Doing Job - Oh get a life maybe I need to change the name. No way! I might lose Bondage Monica and Law School Hot Mama. They are here to stay.

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