Friday, April 11, 2008

Custom Artwork for Mom

The advent of digital photography has been a god send for me. Prior to this I couldn't take a picture to save my life. Now I find it not only easier to take but also easier to dispose of the bad ones. What is fantastic too is the software available to allow me to repair the damage I often make when taking pictures.

Luckily for me my husband is an amateur photographer so he often rescues my bad shots. Even better for a few years now he has been putting some of his photographic works on canvas. This is a marvelous option, especially if you use the various painting styles offered. Not everyone has the photographer's eye for style and color however and so even if you have the software you might not be able to get the professional look available despite the endless opportunities of effects offered.

If you can't do it yourself you might consider seeking the assistance of one of the many companies that offer to place your photos on canvas. Photofiddle is one such company, they offer to transform your photos into art on stretched canvas, rolled canvas, framed art print and photos too. They offer over 50 art styles from oil painting, abstract art, water color painting, pencil sketches to film strip collages using your own photos.

Wow! The possibilities are endless. Can you imagine the interior decorating ideas available with this personalized art? What about a collage with you and your mom using pictures containing beautiful memories of years gone by or an oil painting of a young mom and her baby? These would be make great mother's day gifts.

Photofiddle also made it into the New York Times under the heading "Gems in the Back of the Closet." Check out this gem.

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