Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blog for Fun or Money or Both

Some friends have asked me about this blogging thing and whether I am just doing it for fun or whether I can make a living out of it. Well I really have found that I enjoy the regular notation of issues which interest me and my family and if it can help readers that is even better. As for the making a living part, I don't see myself reaching the heights of the probloggers but if I can get paid for blogging while enjoying the process then that is just icing on the cake.

There are a number of programs that offer bloggers compensation for reviews but there are rules and the companies are pretty strict about their application.

One company worth mentioning is Smorty. It is a service which connects advertisers with bloggers. On the one hand advertisers who need more traffic put out their products, services or websites for review; one the other bloggers who want to make money blogging, write the reviews (which in reality is blog advertising) and if the advertiser approves the post then the blogger gets paid.

In order to benefit from this opportunity though your blog must first be approved by smorty and again there are rules. Some rules are:
  • blog must be indexed by yahoo or google;
  • blog must be older than 3 months;
  • blog mustn't contain adult or hate related content
It is evident therefore that if you are a new and eager blogger you will have to have some patience before you can become a smorty member. If you are successful though you can start earning a minimum of $6 per review paid weekly, and this can increase depending on your page rank.

So if you are a blogger who wishes to write your opinions and get paid for blogging or if you are an advertiser who wishes to increase your sales then you should explore the smorty blog advertising option. I'd be pleased to hear from Smorty users so feel free to leave a comment about your Smorty experience.

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