Friday, April 18, 2008

5........ 10 Worst Foods

I'm hopping on to Nutmeg's Filch It Friday again with my version of the 5, 10 worse foods which I filched from I cannot remember who. I was convinced I had seen this on Meg's list but now that I am about to publish this I find that it is not there. If anyone locates the originator please let me know.

This list goes from the least to the most unpalatable foods that I have ever tasted.

  1. Cassava - Given the increase in the price of rice the Agriculture Minister is telling us to cultivate this. Have you ever even heard of it?

  2. Yams - I don't get this. Why do people like this?

  3. Beetroot - I cannot bear to swallow this thing. It just won't go down.

  4. Beef Tripe - and all organ meats, liver, kidney, brains etc. Can't deal with the smell and mental associations. Brains especially freak me out.

  5. Fish eyes

  6. Fish eyes

  7. Fish eyes

  8. Fish eyes

  9. Fish eyes

  10. Fish eyes - Ok I'm kidding I have not really tried this. Just couldn't manage to eat those pale, dead eyes and consider that it must be the yuckiest food of all time. I know my son and most kids love this kind of thing. I've seen images of people even eating the eyes of raw fish, but I find it gross and so won't gross you out this time. Just one pic, but two balls.

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