Sunday, April 27, 2008

16 Summer Activities for Students

In another month or two lots of kids will be out of school and wondering what to do, where to volunteer, work, intern or travel this summer. It can be quite the headache especially for high school kids obsessing about college applications and the impressions that summer activities might create in the minds of college admissions officials. There are application deadlines in most cases while in others it depends on whether there any available slots left.

Here are a few ideas to check out.

Immerse yourself in another language/culture or live like college freshman.

Student exchange (Summer and Year Abroad programmes). Scholarships/Financial Aid available

5 week intense science program for 11th & 12th graders Email:

Free program for minority students interested in engineering.

Learn about your chosen field at a Boston or NYC firm

Explore careers & make discoveries. Financial aid available for US citizens and residents

Study or volunteer abroad

  • For American Indian 11th & 12th graders of American Indian ancestry contact Celeste Friend at (303)939-0023 ext.28 or email

International summer travel
Summer Arts Camp in Michigan. Scholarships and Financial Aid available.
Summer Adventure Programs in Vermount
ESL and language programs and adventure camps in a boarding school atmosphere.
From one week to six weeks camp for kids from ages 10 - 17 doing animation, digital film making and more.
Give your kids an inside view of American democracy where Washington DC is the classroom. Scholarships available.
Summer camp for kids aged 12-17 years interested in marine science at Big Pine Key Florida.
Explore the beauty, history and diversity of China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, India, Mongolia, Tibet, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Morocco or Senagal

Some of these are very expensive but if you are in need and cannot get financial assistance, your kids don't have to attend an expensive camp or visit a foreign country . Try to see if jobs or volunteer opportunities are available in your communities or if your friends or relatives are skilled at art and crafts, ask them to impart that skill. Learn to knit, sew, make inexpensive jewellery, handbags, gift baskets or get fit by learning a new sport.

I'll be off to the US for two weeks, so no blogging for a while, unless my son can part with his laptop long enough. See you when I get back.

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