Tuesday, March 4, 2008

World Maths Day

Tomorrow March 5, 2008 is World Maths Day. Tell everyone you know about it. It will be a math celebration, a real global party with kids from ages 5-18 vying to see who can answer the most correct math questions. Click here to go the World Maths Day site to see how you can register and to get more information.

The attractive thing about this competition is that you can participate in it online from anywhere. It is a real, real time competition and kids will love knowing that they are competing against other kids from all over the world. There will be prizes and awards too. The goal is to answer 50 million questions correctly.

For parents who may be concerned please read the World Math Day privacy policy where among other things it states that "The World Maths Day website does not provide students with any means to communicate directly with each other. There are no chat rooms connected with the learning resources. At all times, students are engaged in meaningful educative activity within a secure environment."

So check it out and see whether you can be as fast as this guy:

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