Friday, March 28, 2008

What's On Your Bucket List - Nutmeg's Carnival

Don't laugh but in my neck of the woods the Bucket List is just now showing. After seeing the movie it led to me wonder what I'd list as the top ten things I'd love to do before kicking the bucket. I therefore chose this topic to contribute to Nutmeg's Filch It Friday carnival. I filched it from Karen Shanley in accordance with Nutmeg's rules but 5 was too limiting. I need to cram as much as possible in before I go..


  1. I adore French and speak it moderately well but I'd love to learn to speak French fluently
  1. In order to achieve this I'd love to immerse myself in the French culture in the south of France of course and then I'd start a French/France blog.
  1. Learn to tango in Argentina
  1. Partner with Denzel Washington in Dancing with the Stars; note this comes after my tango lessons
  1. Learn to ride a bicycle. I am not kidding I never did learn I had a tricycle
  1. Visit a relatively peaceful country in the Middle East like Jordan or Dubai or both of them why not?
  1. Float in the Dead Sea on my trip to Jordan then spend a night in a Bedouin tent in the desert .
  1. Reconnect with old friends I haven't seen since prep school and my cousin Sean Ross who went to England 20 odd years ago.
  1. Sit in the cockpit of a jet and pretend to be a pilot for the entire transatlantic flight to France or Argentina as opposed to my trip to the Middle East
  1. Float in space with my son. To do this I’d have to find a rich sugar daddy unless that Virgin Airlines tycoon guy can get us two spots in his space ship for free.

Have you ever given this a thought? Maybe if you did make your own bucket list you might actually achieve some of your goals one day. What's on your list?

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Amandasaurus said...

Until that last one, I was like "this list seems a lot more accomplishable than mine." I'd love to float in space. However I do not expect to ever be rich enough for that, so I'll take the hot air balloon. Thanks for stopping by!