Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rent Textbooks and Save the Environment

College textbooks can be quite expensive. This is made worse by the fact that college professors often require the latest publication which though not much different from the previous edition, it is seriously more expensive. Then of course with the high tech rage, books now include CD’s and other extras which serve to inflate the prices.

Students lament this issue all the time on college discussion forums. They try to lessen the burden of these expenses by buying books on ebay or buying used books from wherever they can source them, be it amazon or barnes and noble.

At Make Text Books Affordable they have actually launched a joint campaign with students in schools across 14 states to fight for students to have more affordable textbooks. They state that, Students spend an average of $900 a year on textbooks, which is 20% of tuition at an average university and half of tuition at a community college! And the prices keep going up. Textbook prices have increased at four times the rate of inflation since 1994!

One solution they have come up with is the establishment of textbook rental programs. According to them, “approximately 20 colleges already rent textbooks, many of which have rented textbooks for more than a century and “students using existing textbook rental services pay $130 to $240 per year plus some course materials”.

Now if those figures are correct then that is a serious reduction and worth bearing in mind if you need to economize. If you or your child’s college does not have a college rental program, you may consider scouring the internet for textbook rental stores. One such store is Chegg which has a unique approach. They make the point of reminding us that renting texts actually helps the environment as about 20 million trees are lost just to print books sold in the US alone. At Chegg they proudly announce that they plant a tree for every book you rent. So the more books you rent, the more trees you save. So how about it rent some textbooks, save some money and go green.

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