Friday, March 21, 2008

More Limericks: Obama, Clinton, McCain

So with son home for Spring Break the limericks started again. Here are a few the others were not fit this medium - more R rated than PG.

Hilary is trying to lay blame
For Barack having victory in Maine
Barack struck back
With a counterattack
And both have lost sight of McCain.

Barack Hussein Obama
Has Swept sweet home Alabama
Hilary’s crying
Her campaign is dying
It’s a predictably sad melodrama

John McCain has won
Romney, Ron Paul they are done
John’s sorely trounced them
Renounced and denounced ‘em
And stands alone: number 1.

Who the hell is Ron Paul?
He has pride and guts and gall
He’s still in the running
But McCain’s lead is stunning
He’s holding Ron Paul by the balls

The Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright
Has changed the campaign overnight
He called U.S.A
A big KKK
And Hilary is convulsed in delight

Personally I like Barack
Intellectually he’s leading the pack
He can speak like King
Winning’s his thing
And oh yes, he's young, gifted and black.

If you have any to suggest send them over and let me add your link.

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