Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Hosting A Blog Carnival

No I am not hosting it here, not yet anyway. I am doing it at my other blog where I write on legal related issues. I had been thinking about it after participating quite a few times so I think it is now time to host one of my own as a way of giving back and hopefully to gain some of these benefits:

Increase Traffic
  • On every occasion that I have participated by submitting posts to blog carnivals I have seen an increase in traffic here. Readers of the host blog might find my post interesting and as a result they visit my blog. Since I'll be hosting this time I figure since several participants will be submitting posts (hopefully) then when the carnival goes up those persons will visit as will their friends and the visitors to their blogs.
  • Meet some old and new who share similar interests and who like to write about topics of a related nature. In addition to supporting each other this can also serve to convey new ideas and make others familiar with the particular angle of my blog.
  • Provide a secondary forum through which smaller bloggers in particular can get noticed and can spread their message.
You might not have thought of it before but just look through your posts and see if you can find any relevant ones to submit to any of the carnivals currently running at BlogCarnival, including my own Moms in the Law carnival. Feel free to submit any of your articles even old ones here as long as you select the appropriate category.

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