Saturday, March 15, 2008

Compensated for Blogging

I've got some great ideas about products and places from some of the other blogs I've visited. For those of you who love to blog about places, food, ideas and products you love, why not make a little money out of it. Given my newfound interest in e-commerce and the internet I've just signed up with PayPerPost and I am following all recommendations I have seen regarding blog ethics since I have read where it could cost me with Google if I do not comply. Please see my disclosure policy.

I first heard about PayPerPost from Rocky John but read up on it and realized that I needed to have a fairly well developed blog before I could join. In the meantime while I was surfing through the blogosphere I learned about Google's policy against paid links and how they had reduced the page rank of bloggers who had received compensation for promoting products through paid links. I can understand that especially since Google's adsense product could be undermined and in any event I don't mind if Google does not count links to my blog if those links are obtained through the ads. Page rank should be determined by genuine interest of readers in the site. I will therefore stick to the conditions imposed so that I am not seen to be acting unethically.

As to any money I might earn, I hear of people earning quite a bit through paid advertising. I"ll save what I earn and if I make enough to take a nice vacation I'll let you know.

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