Sunday, March 23, 2008

10 New Words

While son was at home during Spring Break word related websites became popular especially since, influenced by moi, he decided to start a scrabble blog. Word Spy is a great site that I found. It claims to be devoted to lexpionage. Nope I had never heard that word before but then again I hadn't heard of many of the words on the site before either. You see lexpionage is a blend of lexicon - the vocabulary of language and espionage - the practice of spying or sleuthing; hence lexpionage is the sleuthing of new words or old words used in new ways. Of course the new words/phrases reflect the social and cultural trends of the day as identified in newspapers, magazines, on the web and other media sources, so you'll be able to relate to these.

Here are some of the words now making the rounds according to Word Spy:
  • Womenomics - The theory that women play a primary role in economic growth.
  • Lifestreaming - An online record of a person's daily activities, either via direct video feed or via aggregating the person's online content such as blog posts, social network updates, and online photos. So some of us here are lifestreamers.
  • Mockbuster - A low-budget movie with a title and plot similar to a current blockbuster film.
  • Fauxtography - The practice of creating faked photographs, usually by manipulating the images with software. Some of us know some real good fauxtographers.
  • Brand slut - A consumer with no loyalty to a particular brand aka savvy consumer.
  • Biotechture - Architecture that incorporates elements of biology.
  • Friend - The act of adding a person to one's list of acquaintances, and vice versa on social networking websites.
  • Photolurker - A person who obsessively and anonymously browses strangers' photos posted to online photo-sharing sites.
  • Microblogging - Posting short thoughts and ideas to a personal blog, particularly by using instant messaging software or a cell phone.
  • Ecosexual - A single, environmentally conscious person with a strong aesthetic sense.
You did notice the blogging and social media phrases. I love that "friend" is a new word but never expected that a strong aesthetic sense would be connected to the erotic. Why not? Beauty and sexy should go together. Now you do remember phrases like work-life balance. Thanks to some lexpionage by the Tribune we know that it was first used around 1992 and exploded after 2000. My favourite though is fauxtography, it is so good a fake it sounds like the real thing. What's yours?

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