Thursday, February 21, 2008

Watching Watches

A watch is just a time piece; something we glance at for a second or two as we try to keep track of the many activities we have to complete each day. In an effort to ensure that my son gets to class on time, monitors his time properly during his tests and generally learns to plan and organize his day I ensured that he had a watch.

My son has lost two watches over a three year period. Both watches were inexpensive but reliable Timex pieces. The first one he lost but being a Timex it took a licking but kept on ticking and he found it again. The second one, well who knows, it is probably at the bottom of a pool somewhere. My husband was furious. Between the rush of comments and questions like why did you remove the watch and why didn’t you leave it in your room, I gathered that my husband rarely checks his watch for the time. He looks at the digital clock on the radio, the clock in his car, the time on his computer, the time on his cell phone but rarely his watch and it is a Rolex! Yes that timeless luxury which is never wound but merely placed upon the wrist where it is powered by the mere movement of the arm is hardly given a glance. Then why wear a watch and such an expensive one at that? Perhaps it has to do with his love of James Bond as portrayed by Sean Connery who wore it in his Bond films or perhaps it is a fake or as more popularly known a folex.

It is said that the Rolex is the most replicated of watches but what surprised me was the prices of some of these replicas. There are several internet sites where Rolex replicas are being marketed. Some of them are as much as US$300.00 and there are some which are said to be so good that the true Rolex dealer has trouble distinguishing them from the real McCoy. Take heed however as these are replicas or counterfeits and that means ILLEGAL. Rolex has not given permission to these manufacturers or sellers so the use of the Rolex brand or trademark is against the law. Sellers and buyers can face legal action. Buyers, some of you are thinking, yes in some jurisdiction it is an offense to possess counterfeit goods.

The truth of the matter is that a watch has become for many of us a part of our dress. I actually only remove my watch when I am going to take a shower but perhaps because my vision is not too sharp and I can raise my arm to my face to tell the time I do use my watch for its practical purpose. Many of us however wear it as a status symbol hence the staggering support for these replicas. Others as my husband says are just solid individuals who appreciate a timeless classic.

For the status symbol lovers or those who cannot afford the timeless classic Pajama Mommy has a contest sponsored by Look Rich for Less. She makes it clear that the watch being given away is NOT a Rolex and the cost of the watch is US$295.99.

Oh and if you are wondering about the price of a real Rolex, just multiply the fake price by ten and you can get an idea of the starting price. When my son heard this he cast a longing look at the timeless classic, but given the fate of the Timex, he’ll be buying his next watch.

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